Prayer Requests

Hey Kids!

Each week on this page I will give you a different way to pray. Trying new ways to pray will help you feel closer to God and help you stay focused.

Here’s this week’s idea:

Ask Jesus to comfort children who are homeless or living in shelters.

 Please keep sending in your praises and prayer requests. Tell me what you want me and all the primary kids who read this page to pray about OR tell us about a prayer that God answered. Each time you go to this page, please pray for the requests that you read. Below are some recent requests.—Mrs. Seymour

Current Prayer Requests

Please pray for the White family.–Rodney

Please pray for my neighbor’s health—Evie

Pray for me. I am sick, and my mom fell in a man-hole.—Neilayna

Please pray for my aunt Debbie. Pray for my bunny to stop digging in the dirt to get out of her cage. Please pray for my great papa and grandma Lisk. Please pray for my nana to be more patient. Please pray for my daddy and my papa.—Siobhan

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