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Personal Information Collected on the Website:

The only personal identifying information collected from children is in the form of email letters (i.e. names and email addresses) sent by children to Managing Editor Anita Seymour, known to children as Mrs. Seymour. In the case of a contest contact information for the parent will be provided (i.e. names and email addresses). No other personal information is solicited or collected. Mrs. Seymour responds to each child only when the child initiates contact with her. Such contact is on a one-time basis and after response is made by Mrs. Seymour, the email address and content of the message are deleted.

The personal identification information (i.e. email address, full name or last of child) received from any child as result of the child contacting Mrs. Seymour is not shared with any third party. Any letters from children published in Our Little Friend or Primary Treasure or on this website are done so without any personal identifying information. No product solicitations or other contact by Pacific Press® Publishing Association results from a child’s contact with Mrs. Seymour.

Any parent may contact Mrs. Seymour directly and request that she not have any contact with their child. In doing so, the parent must provide adequate information so that Mrs. Seymour can reasonably identify the child. It is preferred that the parent also provide information for contacting the parent so that if the child contacts Mrs. Seymour, she can communicate with the parent so the parent can talk to the child who will be anticipating a response from Mrs. Seymour.

The name and contact information for all operators of the website who have access to information provided by children under the age of thirteen (13) is:

Contact Operator:

Anita Seymour, Managing Editor
Our Little Friend and Primary Treasure
Pacific Press® Publishing Association
Post Office Box 5353
Nampa, Idaho 83653-5353
Telelphone (208) 465-2500

Email: Mrs. Seymour

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